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Our mission statement

FORS aims to conserve the Ruaha ecosystem by increasing environmental awareness in the communities that border Ruaha National Park, thereby ensuring that local people understand the balance between themselves, wildlife and the environment

A photograph of the students of Mlowa primary school.

How we work to fulfill our mission

FORS works to fulfill its mission through a comprehensive Environmental Education Program developed over several years, using Tanzania's curriculum as a starting point. FORS works in Primary Schools in and around Ruaha National Park and helps to train local game scouts working in the new Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The WMA is land along the Southern border of Ruaha National Park that has been set aside by the villages to be managed by Matumizi Bora ya Malihai Idodi na Pawaga (MBOMIPA), ensuring conservation and sustainable use of Natural Resources while benefiting local people.



Page updated 14th October 2008