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1984 to Present


Friends of Ruaha was founded in 1984 by Geoff Fox and others concerned with conservation issues. The aim was to raise funds to support the conservation of the flora and fauna of Ruaha National Park and the surrounding game reserves.

For many years FORS ran on an entirely volunteer base and raised money for many of the park's basic needs, including boots and radios for the rangers and the building of roads.

As the national park's capacity to fulfill its own mission increased, FORS recognized the need to explore ways to continue best supporting the conservation of the larger ecosystem. The organization began with some small scale environmental education work and income generating projects in the villages in Idodi division, bordering Ruaha National Park .


1999 to Present

In 2003 FORS hired it's first employees and began further development and expansion of its Environmental Education Program. Soon thereafter, it became clear that this program was thriving and FORS committed itself to furthering this work.

Currently, FORS works in 23 primary schools in the Idodi and Pawaga divisions and in Ruaha National Park at the primary school located at headquarters. The Environmental Education Program consists of a comprehensive program based on the national curriculum, extensive teacher training and many supplementary activities including student and teacher excursions to the national park.

FORS is slowly moving towards education activities at the secondary and community level. Toward this end, FORS supports the training of local game scouts, organizes book donations for the secondary schools in the area and organizes environmental film shows and radio outreach at the community level.

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