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The Committee


Kate Forrester


Kate came to Tanzania over eleven years ago to work as a forrester for Concern Worldwide, and has lived here ever since. She has a great deal of experience of working in rural Tanzania, and has spent much time in the villages on the eastern boundary of Ruaha National Park, thus contributes this useful knowledge to FORS. Kate is very enthusiastic about the cultural aspects of the areas which FORS is working in and is keen on integrating them in the FORS program.


Shanna Sheridan-Johnson


Shanna a nurse and midwife was a founding member of FORS back in 1984. Shanna hosted the very first FORS meeting in her house all those years ago!


Ayubu Msago

Masago is the Community Liaison for the Wildlife Conservation Society and works in the Idodi and Pawaga Divisions. Msago's experience in conservation and outreach make him a valuable new member of the FORS Team.


Will Phillips

Will is a welcome addition to the FORS Committee. He is a committed environmentalist as well as an active member of the Iringa Community. Will has his finger on the pulse of local activity through running Riverside Campsite and Info Iringa.


Program Managers


Jackson Ngowi

Jackson comes from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. He has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro.. He graduated in May 2006 and he was employed as FORS Program Manager in February of 2007. He is interested in the economic aspects of biodiversity conservation at global, national, and community levels.
Email Address: jcksnngowi@yahoo.com

Mary Joseph

Mary Joseph comes from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. She graduated in May 2008 and joined FORS as Program Manager in April 2009. She is particularly interested in how environmental degradation affects women and children.

Anna Maria Simon

Anna Maria is a former FORS program manager. She is currently doing her Postgraduate studies in the Netherlands.



Sarah Vatland

Sarah is a former FORS Program Manager. She is doing her PHD studies in the USA.




Christina Coppollilo


Chris comes to Friends of Ruaha with a background in education. She is a primary school teacher with classroom teaching experience and a Master's in Education . By developing curriculum that uses well-researched and practiced teaching and learning methods while integrating local resources and expertise, Chris hopes to help FORS achieve its vision of solid environmental education for Tanzanian schoolchildren.


Anette Kyvik

Program Advisor

Anette has worked with FORS since January 2008. She has extensive experience in organizational management and project development with a particular focus on children's and women's wellbeing, and has worked in the US , Europe and Latin America . Her background is a BA in International Relations from the University of Oslo and UC Berkeley.


Alexander Klose

Educational Advisor

Alexander joined the FORS team in August 2008, bringing his diverse teaching experience. He has a Master's in Education and has taught high school Spanish and adult ESOL in the States, as well as primary and middle school at the Iringa International School .


FORS Driver


Rongino Kibuga

Rongino is FORS' dependable car fundi (expert) and driver, making field work possible.




The FORS UK Team


Martin Walsh

Martin's extensive experience in Tanzania and long history with FORS work makes him a welcome addition to the UK Team.  

Emma Forrester

Emma works in the tourism industry in the UK and assists FORS with financial business, membership and fundraising.  

Janet Hayes

Janet used to live in Iringa. She returned to the UK in 2006 and has recently completed her Master's in Development which included a research project focusing on FORS' Environmental Education Program. Janet works for an international development consultancy firm in Oxford . 


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